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Hi, I'm Wykeisha



 Welcome! I'm glad you came by to learn more about me and why I'm campaigning to represent ABOE District 1!

I'm the mother & Wife of 8, of which two are Atlanta Public Schools graduates. Born and raised in Atlanta, I'm also the oldest of 15 APS kids who grew up together in Perry Homes, a now-demolished Westside public housing complex.


I had my first child at age 16. As a teenaged mother, I tried to finish school at Harper Archer, Booker T Washington & Southside (now Maynard Jackson), where I dropped out to work to care for my son. As my family grew and my paycheck didn't. Atlanta's real estate market boomed. More public housing was demolished, rent prices climbed, my family struggled with homelessness. When I lost my children's Father, a very active father tragically, this was a very low point. My hat go off to my school community who wrap their arms around me & my family.

This was just the beginning of my story. My third child was diagnosed with Autism which I had no clue what it was. After talking with doctors I had to go and learn more because I knew no one who had Autism. My nonverbal toddler kick-start my new journey. At 30 years old, I completed high school online and applied to college. Accepted to Purdue University, I graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services-Child and Family Welfare. This is where I begin advocating for my son. After my family lost, I got a therapist and I remember her saying turn your pain into your passion.


My Advocating Kick-into overdrive. 

I found a mentor, who is by my side to this day. I volunteered for everything under the sun from local to national housing, health, Transportation organization, PTA, Go-Team, NPU, Neighborhood Association, and other parents groups to meet and understand people from all walks of life who care about community investment. I married the funny guy I met back in fourth grade and we are finally homeowners, blessed to share all that we have with everyone. My days are spent helping parents and community navigate Atlanta Public School and the city with issues like Homelessness to special education. I love seeing people happy and I will always put my best foot forward!



To make even the smallest education gains, more APS families like mine need to feel we belong to our children's schools, neighborhoods, and the broader Atlanta conversations that decide their futures. I'm running because all Atlanta Public School children deserve a good equitable education. One where there are true partners that share in the goal of ensuring that every child's home and school are safe, sustainable, and thriving. Whether the student is receiving academic, social, or behavioral support, there must be a focus on strengthening family, community involvement, and more personalized programming. I want a school system that nurtures a child in their communities so that they can come to school ready to learn and enter into a welcoming learning environment.

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